How to Use Targeted Storytelling to Increase Conversions

You know you have a great product or service, and you’ve spent all the necessary time involved in learning everything you can about your ideal customer. When you build content, you understand that you need to write all your content as though you’re helping that one perfect customer. Your content needs to help that ideal customer solve problems they may be having right now. In addition to being authentic, transparent, and trustworthy in your communications, there’s one more thing to focus on while building content: targeted storytelling.

What Targeted Storing Telling Is

Targeted storytelling is a strategy of telling stories from the perspective of your ideal customer. In other words, you tell your story from the perspective of someone who has a problem they need solved and use your product or service as a solution to their problems. You can craft targeted stories that help people understand how your product or service helped solve a problem. Many marketers, nearly 72% of them, consider content creation to be one of the most effective SEO methodologies.

Targeted Storytelling Makes an Emotional Connection

The power of storytelling is something that’s been around for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks told stories to amuse and educate their audiences. We use them today to teach children, we tell jokes, create parables, and share anecdotes with friends. When you’ve done this well, the customer feels a connection with your brand, and immediately another level of trust is built.

Stories Solve Problems in Relatable Ways

Stories help people make sense of their surroundings and events by providing a consistent narrative structure to organize information about time, space, relationships, causality, morality, or meaning. The stories allow us to imagine ourselves having those same experiences or wondering how problems might be solved.

If you tell a story in your content about a similar problem your ideal customer faces, they will relate to the pain. Customers want their pain and frustration to stop. They will keep reading to find out what the solution is. If you solve the problem, the customer feels empowered and will mark you in their memory over other brands.

In the digital age, it’s never been more important to use a targeted approach when telling your story. This information means that you need to understand who your customer is and what they care about before crafting a marketing message for them. Once you get the hang of weaving in stories like this, your content will begin to stand out from typical content your customers might find elsewhere.

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