How to Supercharge Your Content Marketing for the Coming Decade

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The pandemic has pushed traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to focus on finding customers online. As the economy recovers from the aftermath of the lockdown, the focus is shifting back to content marketing.

The most significant challenge for influencers and entrepreneurs alike is how to stand out from the competition. Find out how you can get ahead of your peers with these post-lockdown content marketing tips.

1. Focus on the Power of Live Video

Video is one of the content marketing arsenals you can use to promote your business and cause online. With the ubiquity of portable devices, analysts project that video will be the primary driver of mobile traffic. You may also want to incorporate live streaming in your digital content strategy.

According to statistics, audiences watch live-video three times longer than other types of video content on social media. Streaming allows you to present a more personal side of yourself and your business.

2. Develop Laser-Focused Content

Your business can stand even with the increasing competition between digital stores, but your content must be laser-focused. A client-oriented marketing strategy needs to encompass everything from keyword analysis to reviewing metrics.

Using long-tail keywords is one way you can make your content marketing approach laser-focused. Incorporating long-tail results in your keyword analysis allows you to narrow down to the core issue. You can create posts that resonate with your audience since they are more specific and relevant.

3. Do Not Try and Reinvent the Wheel

You can supercharge your digital marketing efforts by repurposing your content. The approach saves time for publishers by reusing content instead of reinventing the wheel. For example, after recording your live video, you can edit portions of it for your social media platforms.

4. Harness the Power of Email Marketing

Email is still a powerful strategy that can boost your digital content. An email has a higher response rate than other modes of promoting your websites, such as PPC and social media.

You can create an email list, and you can use it to promote content in several ways. You could publish a newsletter with news and new product offerings. Another trend among marketers is to create personalized messages based on the user’s action on your site.

5. Develop an Effective Long-term SEO Strategy

Video and email lists are some of the tools you can use to increase click-through rates and build audiences. But you have to be thorough with keyword analysis and the overall strategy and approach for marketing your content.

Use metrics and come up with performance indicators so that you can evaluate your data-driven approach. Without a roadmap, you can lose sight of your objectives from some of the positive results. The high number of impressions you are getting may not amount to much if the bounce rate is equally high.

Content marketing has many components that include video promotion, keyword analysis, and email newsletters. Some principles of marketing will always be timeless regardless of the advances in technology. In a nutshell, you should develop a data-driven strategy and create engaging content to optimize your ROI. Remember, emphasis is on quality over quantity, and consistency is more productive than frequency.

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