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healthcare content marketing

High-quality healthcare content marketing helps to connect you directly to your audience. About 76% of patients report that they search for a new healthcare provider online. Boosting traffic to your website is essential to your practice. High-quality content can boost traffic by about two thousand percent. Here’s what to know about it.

The Stats On Healthcare Content Marketing

When patients are shopping for healthcare, they turn to the internet. About 83% of new patients found their providers online. Around 80% of healthcare providers are involved in healthcare content marketing to market their practice or service. With such a high amount of people relying on the internet, it’s no wonder that high-quality content is so important.

However, only about 36% of healthcare providers are satisfied with their content marketing results. In most cases, the poor results are directly related to poor content. A recent survey found that only 53% of healthcare marketing includes a blog, compared to 84% of other marketers. Additionally, only two out of three healthcare providers are tapping into the power of social media, while 89% of social media users report that they expect their providers to have a social media presence. There is seemingly a disconnect between the way healthcare providers are reaching their audience and what the audience expects.

Connecting With the Target Audience

Healthcare is a business like any other business, and for any business to succeed it is imperative that you connect with your target audience. Your audience is online. If you are not using high-quality content, then you are not making the impression that you need to make.

Getting the attention of your target audience is a multi-layered process with the highlight of the process being engaging and well-written content. It is a step that every other step in the process relies on.

Quality Healthcare Content Marketing Is a Must Have

The majority of new patients report viewing a provider’s website before they make a decision about the provider. Exceptional content can be the decision-maker for many people searching for a provider which is why proper effort must be taken to both create that content and get it out there.

The healthcare industry is highly competitive. It is estimated that, in order to realize a profitable practice, doctors in small private practices need to add between five and ten new patients each month and larger ones up to 30 patients. Hospitals need to add 200-300 new patients to their panels every month to stay viable. This much competition for new patients means that quality healthcare content marketing is the way to reach them.

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