Athena Integrated Marketing offers online marketing services to help small to medium-sized businesses build solid digital foundations to connect with their customers.

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Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. Attract the right people to drive better conversion and retention rates.
Tell your brand’s story with the right content marketing strategy. Create a connection with your target audience and build lasting relationships with customers.

Make your website your digital storefront. Athena Integrated Marketing builds sites that are optimized to attract, convert, and retain customers.

Partner with experts to build an indelible online presence for your brand. Athena Integrated Marketing offers consulting services to help you get a better handle on digital marketing.


Google search - Content Marketing, SEO and Website Design


Grow Your Business Sustainably

Athena Integrated Marketing - Content Marketing, SEO and Website Design

Athena Integrated Marketing is your partner in growing your business in the digital age. We take a hands-on, collaborative approach in nurturing small to medium-sized businesses.

As the full-service digital marketing agency Maryland trusts, we offer solutions that we customize to your business’s needs, and set real, high-impact goals. No jargon, no burying you under stats and long-winded reports. You get strategies that work, leverage on what your company does best, and a clear idea of the reasoning behind every step we take in building your campaign.


Get the latest digital marketing news and information to stay ahead of the competition.

Meet The Team

Meet the team - Content Marketing, SEO and Website Design

Meet The Team

People Who Base Their Success on Yours

Athena Integrated Marketing is made up of highly-talented individuals with different specializations. We love what we do, which is why we’ve been doing it for a while. Our combined skill and experience provide you with effective digital marketing solutions that will drive your success. Our goal is to help you realize your full potential online.

About US

Athena Integrated Marketing is focused on building relationships: between you and our team, and your brand and your customers. We drive conversations and sustain connections. Our goal is to build a foundation on which you can effectively reach and connect with your customers.

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